dusty-with-dogMobettah Car Rentals is a small company started in response to a need for an alternative to a remotely owned national auto rental company. That was driven by frequently heard complaints of high car rental rates. Pat Lynch, an entrepreneur who has a passion for starting small niche businesses that meet a need asked Dusty Dancy (at right – the one with the ball cap!), who has over thirty years of foreign car auto repair experience and a love for car racing, to partner in a small car rental enterprise that would be a good fit for Molokai. So a fleet of a few reliable, clean cars that were fairly new and lightly used were assembled for visitors and Molokai residents, alike, who would appreciate a break on rental rates. This must have turned out to be a “Mobettah” deal for everyone since return customers are booking as far as a year in advance. The “Mobettah Crew” really enjoys going out of their way to make sure their customers enjoy their time on Molokai. Don’t hesitate to ask them where to stay, what to see, or just what’s happening on the island!